Huckepack baby carriers


Baby carriers in stock greatly reduced!


 After 2 1/2 years of Covid-19 regulations

 and a massive increase in energy costs,

 it is time to close the company.


The prices for the baby carriers are therefore greatly reduced.No more carriers are produced, so what is sold out will not be available again.


For 15 years we have made parents and children happy with our carriers, at the end of the year Baby Roo will close forever.


Huckepack Full Buckle baby carrier, adjustable panel made from a Girasol wrap.
Huckepack Full Buckle

 The Huckepack baby carriers are produced by Baby Roo since 2007. The carriers were developed by the founder of the company, Berit Kessler, who is also a babywearing consultant.


The ergonomic baby carriers offer a high level of comfort for parents and children. The carriers can be adjusted individually and support the recommanded squat-spreading posture.

Huckepack Onbuhimo baby carrier, adjustable back panel, wrap conversion, back carrier.
Huckepack Onbuhimo baby carrier

All products are made from 100% organic wrap fabrics, which are woven and dyed for us especially in Germany.


The baby carriers have a bridge reduction,

panel shortening and neck reduction and

can thus grow with your child.


The baby carriers are available in many different, constantly changing designs, which are made in Europe.

Huckepack baby carriers for newborns and toddlers, ergonomic and very adjustable.
Discover the world with our child - Huckepack carriers


Discover the world together with your child.


Wearing means closeness and security, it strengthens the attachment to your child.

Babies, who are carried, cry less and everyday life with a child becomes easier.


Baby wearing stimulates the development, the back muscles are positively influenced and the sense of balance is trained.





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Our products

Huckepack Full Buckle

Full Buckle, SSC, very adjustable baby carrier, grows with your baby, padded shoulder straps, hipbelt
Huckepack Full Buckle Baby
baby carrier, very adjustable panel, grows with your child, well padded straps and hipbelt, SSC
Huckepack Full Buckle Medium
Huckepack Full Buckle, SSC baby carrier, padded straps, hipbelt with buckles.
Huckepack Full Buckle Toddler
Full Buckle baby carrier preschooler, adjustable back panel, wrap conversion.
Huckepack Full Buckle Preschooler

Huckepack Wrap Tai

baby carrier, wrap conversion, adjustable panel, expanded shoulder straps, ergonomic hipbelt
Huckepack Wrap Tai Baby
baby carrier made from wrap fabric, very adjustable, expanded shoulder straps, ergonomic hipbelt, fits from birth on
Huckepack Wrap Tai Medium
Huckepack Wrap Tai, wrap conversion, expanded staps, hipbelt with buckle
Huckepack Wrap Tai Toddler

Huckepack Half Buckle

Half Buckle baby carrier, made from wrap fabric, adjustable panel, padded shoulder straps, hipbelt with buckle
Huckepack Half Buckle Baby
Half Buckel baby carrier, adjustable panel, grows with your child, to use from birth on.
Huckepack Half Buckle Medium
toddler baby carrier, adjustable panel, padded straps, ergonomic hipbelt
Huckepack Half Buckle Toddler

Huckepack Onbuhimo

Huckepack Onbuhimo, baby carrier, adjustable panel, made from wrap fabric, well padded shoulder straps.
Huckepack Onbuhimo Medium
Onbuhimo toddler size, adjustable panel, many designs available, custommade
Huckepack Onbuhimo Toddler
Onbuhimo preschooler size, adjustable panel, well padded shoulder straps
Huckepack Onbuhimo Preschooler

Huckepack Mei Tai

Mei Tai baby carrier, adjustable wrap panel, from birth on, padded shoulder straps and hipbelt
Huckepack Mei Tai Baby
Mei Tai baby carrier, adjustable wrap panel, from birth on, padded shoulder straps and hipbelt
Huckepack Mei Tai Medium
Mei Tai baby carrier, adjustable wrap panel, from birth on, padded shoulder straps and hipbelt
Huckepack Mei Tai Toddler

Huckepack wraps and slings

Huckepack wraps and ring sling, jacquard weaving, produced in Germany
Huckepack wraps and slings

Huckepack Podaegi

Podaegi baby carrier, to use from birth on up to preschooler, one size
Huckepack Podaegi

Huckepack exclusiv designs

exclusive customized baby carrier, handpainted, applications, one of the kind
Huckepack exclusive

Huckepack custom-made  carriers

custommade Huckepack baby carrier, available as SSC, Onbuhimo, Half Buckle, Mei Tai, Podaegi, Wrap Tai.
Huckepack custome made

Accessories for the Huckepack baby carriers

Spare parts Huckepack baby carrier
Spare parts
Huckepack pad for the hip belt.
Pad for the hipbelt
Pads for the Huckepack baby carriers, protects your carrier.
Huckepack pads
Hipbelt for Onbuhimos, hybrid baby carrier, change your Onbu into a Full Buckle.
Hipbelt for Onbuhimos