Huckepack exclusive baby carriers

These Huckepack baby carriers belong to the exclusive edition. Exclusive means that many of these designs are made as unique pieces. Our hand-painted baby carriers, as well as the models with applications, are always unique and are also not made as a custom-made design again.

The Huckepack exclusive baby carriers are sewn exclusively in Germany in homework. These baby carriers are only available directly from Baby Roo and can not be ordered through our dealers.

Huckepack baby carrier for newborn, Full Buckle carrier
Huckepack Full Buckle Baby exclusive
Half Buckle baby carrier, long, padded straps to be tied, hipbelt with buckle
Huckepack Half Buckle Baby exclusive
Onbuhimo baby carrier, babywearing kids, wrap conversion
Huckepack Onbuhimo Medium exclusive
Full Buckle baby carrier, adjustable back panel, wrap conversion
Huckepack Full Buckle Medium exclusive
Half Buckle baby carrier, babywearing newborn
Huckepack Half Buckle Medium exclusive
Onbu baby carrier, back carrier, no hipbelt
Huckepack Onbuhimo Toddler exclusive
SSC carrier, babywearing toddler, Full Buckle baby carrier
Huckepack Full Buckle Toddler exclusive
Half Buckle baby carrier, ergonomic formed hipbelt, straps to be tied.
Huckepack Half Buckle Toddler exclusive
Onbuhimo Preschooler baby carrier for kids.
Huckepack Onbuhimo Preschooler exklusiv
Preschooler baby carrier, SSC carrier, babywearing kids
Huckepack Full Buckle Preschooler exclusiv

Wrap Conversion baby carrier, ergonomic waist belt with buckle.
Huckepack Wrap Tai Baby exclusive
Wrap Conversion baby carrier, babywearing, expanded shoulder straps.
Huckepack Wrap Tai Medium exclusive
Wrap Tai, Wrap Conversion, baby carrier for toddlers, expanded shoulder straps, waist belt with buckle.
Huckepack Wrap Tai Toddler exclusive