When can I start to back carry my baby?

You can wear your baby from birth on in a woven wrap in a back carry. But you should already have a lot of experience in tying a wrap and you need to have confidence to tie such a small baby already on your back.


I strongly recommend you to advice a trained babywearing consultant, if you want to wear your newborn on the back.


In the first few months of life, a front carrier is better, because you can see your baby, it makes it easier to check, that your baby is sitting well in the carrier and not, for example the head is tilted to the side or to the back. You can cuddle much better with your baby.


From the 4th month on your child wants to see more. You notice that your child bends backwards, when you wear it in front of your belly. The time has come for you to try a back carry or a hip position.


Your child now has a good head control and you can use both wraps and baby carriers for a back carry. When choosing a baby carrier, make sure that your baby is sitting in the recommended squat-spreading position and that the back panel supports your child well.

Huckepack Onbuhimo back carrier, very adjustable back panel, made from wrap fabric.
Child sits in a Huckepack Onbuhimo

What are the advantages of carrying your child on your back?

  • Physiologically it is easier for you to carry your child on your back. You can carry even a heavy toddler comfortably for hours.
  • If your child is already taller, he will sit eventually too high in front of your belly, thus diminishing your sight. He sits with his head right in front of your face. Your child should always sit at kiss height in front of his belly.
  • Your child can look over your shoulder and see more of his environment.
  • The sense of sight of your child is better trained in carrying back, because he can see more than in a front carrier. Your baby looks in the direction and perceives the environment as you do.
  • Your child is sitting comfortably on your back, while you are able to do the household. With your baby in front of your belly, some activities are more difficult.
  • Your child feels the security and can make first experiences outside the constant field of vision of the parents.
  • He can withdraw, when he is flooded with new stimuli.
Full Buckle babycarrier, babywearing, back carry, toddler carriers.
Back carry with a Huckepack Full Buckle

Which baby carriers are suitable for back carry?

Most baby carriers are also suitable for back carry. Below, I introduce you to the various Huckepack baby carriers, that are suitable for wearing your child on your back.

Huckepack Full Buckle

The Huckepack Full Buckle is a comfort carrier, that you can use as a back carrier, front carrier and hip carrier. Both the straps and the hipbelt are closed with buckles.


The shoulder straps can be attached to the hip belt, so that no pressure on the back of your child is created and his back is nicely rounded in the baby carrier. It is  recommended to connect the shoulder straps to the hipbelt before the age of sitting.


From the age of sitting you can also attach the straps to the back panel. Your child's spine is now sufficiently developed that it is no problem for your child to sit in the carrier with a straight back.


When the straps are attached to the hipbelt, you are carrying more weight on your shoulders. If the straps are attached to the back panel, the weight of your child is distributed more evenly. Your shoulders will be relieved and more weight will be transfered to the waist belt.


The shoulder straps are thickly padded and the ergonomically shaped hipbelt is sturdy and cuddly to equal and can take off so much weight.


The back panel made of wrap fabric, can be infinitely adjusted in size and grows with your child.


With the Full Buckle you can easily and quickly put your child on your back. In the video, I'll show you how to do it, if you're still unsure.

Huckepack Onbuhimo

The Huckepack Onbuhimo is suitable for children from age of sitting and is mainly a back carrier.


The Onbuhimo is a practical carrying aid for short distances or during pregnancy, since no hip belt can press on the belly.


The baby carrier has a small pack size and fits so well in the bag. It's fast and easy to put on, much like a backpack. The back panel is made of wrap fabric. It is infinitely adjustable and allows a comfortable and ergonomically correct fit for your baby.


The shoulder straps are well padded and ensure comfortable carrying.

Onbuhimo by Huckepack, back carry, adjustable back panel made from wrap fabric.
A child is carried on the back with an Onbuhimo

Huckepack Half Buckle

The Huckepack Half Buckle is a baby carrier with well-padded shoulder straps, that you tie and an ergonomically shaped hip belt, that closes with a buckle. With this baby carrier, both newborns, as well as toddlers can be worn comfortably.


The back panel, made of wrap fabric, is very adjustable and grows with your child. The Half Buckle can be used as a front carrier, back carrier and hip carrier.


Half Buckle baby carriers are especially popular with parents, who find the buckles at Full Buckle too compilcate. The Half Buckle can be tied quickly and easily. The wide, sturdy hip belt takes a lot of weight off your shoulders and makes babywearing more comfortable.

Huckepack Half Buckle baby carrier, babywearing on your back.
Back carry with a Huckepack Half Buckle

Huckepack Mei Tai

The Mei Tai is a baby carrier, which in principle was the basis for the other baby carriers. A Mei Tai is a traditional carrier from Asia. It consists of the back panel, 2 shoulder straps and a waist belt for tying.


The Mei Tais can be used as a back carrier, front carrier and hip carrier. They are particularly easy to adapt to small babies. Mei Tais can be tied apron and non apron.


The Huckepack Mei Tai has a back panel made of wrap fabric. It is very adjustable and grows with your baby. The straps are thinner padded than the Half Buckle and Full Buckle. The waist belt is straight and padded with a softer foam, than the other Huckepack carriers.

Huckepack Mei Tai baby carrier, very adjustable, grows with your child.
Huckepack Mei Tai - back carry

Huckepack Wrap Tai

The Huckepack Wrap Tai, also called Wrap Conversion, has the same back panel, headrest and hipbelt as the Half Buckle.


The difference lies with the shoulder straps. In the Wrap Tai, the unpadded straps are made of wrap fabric and can be expanded widely over your shoulders, as well as over your child's bottom. The weight of your child is distributed evenly.


The Wrap Tai can be used as a front carrier, back carrier or as a hip carrier.


With the additional shoulder pads you can transform the Wrap Tai into a Half Buckle. You get padded shoulder straps, but  you still can expand the straps over the bottom of your child.

Wrap Tai babywearing in a back carry, wrap conversion, wrapcon baby carrier.
Huckepack Wrap Tai - back carry

Huckepack Podaegi

 The Podaegi is a traditional baby carrier from Korea. The back panel of the Huckepack Podaegi is made of wrap fabric, the padded shoulder straps need to be tied. This baby carrier does not have a hip belt and is because of that also suitable for carrying during pregnancy.


The Podaegi is a back carrier, front carrier and hip carrier.


The back panel can be adjusted by tying the straps. Like a wrap, a Podaegi will fit from birth to the end of the babywearing time. The binding of a Podaegi needs a little more practice. But it is worth to try a Podaegi, because this baby carrier is very comfortable, especially with heavy children.

Podaegi by Huckepack, back carry for toddlers and preschoolers, very adjustable panel.
Child is sitting in a Huckepack Podaegi

Which baby carrier do you prefer to wear your child on your back? Write us in the comments.

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