Wearing your child in a hip carrier

For us it is natural and instinctive to wear our child on the hip. If we take especially our older children on the arm, we put it automatically on the hip, if we do not use a baby carrier. The hips of the woman are ideal for the hip seat.

Advantages of the hip seat

  • Your child can see more in the hip carrier, than in the front carrier.
  • There is constant eye contact between you and your child, while babywearing on your hip.
  • With a baby carrier, wrap or ring sling, your child's weight is optimally distributed on your hip.
  • Your child is sitting close to you.
  • You can communicate easily with your child, show him the world and at the same time give him security. Especially when learning to speak the hip carrier is great on walks.
The classical hip carrier - the Ring Sling.
The classical hip carrier - the Ring Sling.

Disadvantage of the hip carrier

  • You wear your child on one side, one shoulder carries the weight.
  • You take an asymmetrical posture.
  • The hip carrier can lead to back problems.

When can I start to wear my baby on my hip?

Your baby should be able to keep his head on his own. In small babies, the upper neck area and the head must be sufficiently supported. Bigger children can take their arms out.

With which baby carrier can I wear on the hip?

There are a variety of baby carriers with which you can wear your child on the hip. We give to you an overview of the different carrying systems here. Classically, the Ring Sling and the Wrap are used for the hip seat, but also in a Full Buckle, Half Buckle, Wrap Tai, Mei Tai or Podaegi you can wear your child on the hip.

Overview of the baby carriers, that are suitable for the hip seat.

Ring Sling

The Sling is a classic hip carrier and is used in different variations around the world. The Ring Sling has conquered the western babywearing world in the last 10 years.


The Ring Sling is quick and easy to put on and small enough for the bag. It is a carrier, that you can have in the car and for example use for your child than you have to do some shopping. Without having to tie much, you can quickly put your child in the Sling. Once the Sling is threaded, you only need to tighten it when you're putting your child in or to take your child out. The wrap fabric does not have to be threaded through the rings every time.

The Ring Sling is also suitable as a carrier which you have in your pocket, if the child wants to walk a lot alone, but also wants to be carried in between.

The Ring Sling is suitable for newborns as well as for toddlers.

Huckepack Ring Sling - hip carrier for newborns and toddlers.
Child is sitting in a Huckepack Ring Sling.


With the Wrap you can tie different variants of the hip seat. Especially suitable for this are the short Wraps. But you can also use a longer Wrap and tie the ends around you, so that the long ends do not hang down. The Wrap and the Ring Sling are certainly most comfortable for wearing on the hip.

Huckepack Tendril wrap, hip seat with a toddler
Child sits in a wrap in hip seat.

Wrap Tai

The Wrap Tai is very suitable for the hip seat. Since the shoulder straps can be expanded widely over your shoulder and the entire carrier is made of wrap fabric, it comes the closest to the Ring Sling or Wrap. The ergonomic hip belt, which is closed with a buckle, takes a lot of weight off your shoulder.

Huckepack Wrap Tai baby carrier, hip carrier made from wrap fabric, suitable for newborns and toddlers.
Huckepack Wrap Tai baby carrier, child sits in the hip seat.

Full Buckle

With the Huckepack Full Buckle you can also wear your child on the hip. You can attach the shoulder straps either to the back panel or to the hip belt. Before the age of sitting you should always attach the straps to the waist belt, so that no pressure on the back of your child arises. In the video you can see a variation on how you can use the Full Buckle as a hip carrier.

Mei Tai

The Mei Tai is a traditional baby carrier and is the base  for the Half Buckle, Full Buckle and Wrap Tais. The Mei Tai can also be tied as a hip carrier.

Huckepack mei Tai baby carrier, babywearing on the hip, hip seat.
Hip seat with Huckepack Mei Tai.

Half Buckle

The Half Buckle is a mixture of a Mei Tai and a Full Buckle. The well-padded straps are tied while the hipbelt is closed with a buckle. The hip belt ensures good weight distribution and takes the weight off the shoulder. You can also use the Half Buckle as a hip carrier.

Huckepack Half Buckle baby carrier - hip seat - hip carrier for babies
Huckepack Half Buckle - hip seat.


The Podaegi has long shoulder straps to tie, but does not require a hip belt. The Podaegi can be used as a front carrier, back carrier, but also as a hip carrier.

How do you wear your child on the hip? Which carriers have you already tried on the hip?

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