Babywearing in the Autumn and Winter

Even in the autumn and winter, you can cuddle with your baby, close to your body, in a baby carrier. Your child will be warmed by your body temperature, a temperature compensation will take place and you will keep each other warm.

Nevertheless, there are a few things you should keep in mind. We would like to give you some tips for wearing in the cold season.

How do I put my child in the baby carrier?

  • Put as little clothing on your child as possible in the baby carrier, so that a good heat exchange can take place between you.
  • We recommend a long underwear and tights, especially wool and silk, because these materials warm the body, but do not overheat.
  • The feet should be kept warm, e.g. with wool socks, fur shoes, babylegs
  • As 2nd layer you can give your baby put on trousers, rompers, wool fleece, wool walk.
  • A hat is important, since just over the head a lot of heat is released and your baby can cool down quickly otherwise.
  • If you wear your child on your back, a scarf cap is suitable, because your child can not easily take it off the head and also the neck is well protected from the cold.
  •  Knitted hats, which have a fleece at the inner edge, are particularly suitable. The fleece heats very well and too much heat can be given off to the top. If the entire cap is made of fleece, the heat builds up.
  • Make sure, that the ears are covered as well.
  • For the hands you can use gloves.
  • If your child is worn under a jacket, a babywearing cover or a jacket insert, the above clothing is sufficient.
  • Wearing your child over the jacket or your child wants to take the arms out, then your child should wear a jacket, e.g. a softshell jacket.
  • Do not dress your baby too warm. In normal Central European winters, your child does not need a thick snowsuit. It is difficult to tie the baby carrier over a snowsuit, and even with a warm jacket your child will not sit well in the squat-spread posture, when the clothes are so thick and padded.

What should I pay attention to, when wearing in winter?

  • Make sure that your child's feet are warm.
  • When you wear your child, you are on the move, but your child is not. In between, always check, whether your child is cold.
  • Make sure, that your child's nose is free and that it can breathe well.
  • Keeping your baby in front of your stomach, will keep your baby warm and cuddly. This is the best way to keep your child warm with your body temperature and to control well whether your baby is warm.
  • Protect your baby's face skin with a cream from the cold and dehydration.
  • Firm and non-slip shoes in snow and clear ice.

Babywearing jackets, covers and jacket inserts

  • There are special jackets that have an insert for your baby. You can take your child under the jacket. In the baby carrier you can wear your baby in front of your belly and on the back.
  • With a jacket insert you can expand your normal winter jacket, so that you can take your baby under your jacket. Disadvantage here is, that you can use a jacket insert only front and you can carry your baby hereby only in front of your belly.
  • babywearing covers can be used in front and back. They are especially well suited for the transition period in autumn and spring to warm your child. If you wear a winter jacket, you can only use the cover in front of your belly. The zipper of your jacket stays open.

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