How to choose a baby carrier for a newborn?

Do you want to wear your baby from birth on? In this blog post we give you tips on how to choose a baby carrier for a newborn. We recommend to  try out different carriers, so you find the right one for you and your baby.

A newborn baby want to be carried

If you lift a newborn baby up, it automatically tightens the legs. The newborn has a rounded back, the legs are bent, so that the knees are at about navel level. A good baby carrier supports this attitude. The legs are slightly spread. This position is called the squat-spreading posture (ASH) or the M-position.

Baby carrier for newborn, adjustable panel, wrap conversion, tips for babywearing from birth on.
A mother with her newborn baby. The back of the baby is rounded and the legs are in a frog position.

Why should you wear your baby?

  • Babywearing is associated with a multi-sensory stimulation, your baby perceives you through multiple sensory channels (ears, eyes, smell, touch and movement)
  • Your baby is motor and sensory promoted.
  • You're more mobile and you can go everywhere with your baby. A hike or stairs are no problem.
  •  Your hands are free to to do the household or to play with your older child.
  • Your baby feels your closeness and feels secure.
  • The sense of balance is automatically trained.
  • The muscles of your baby are being built up.
  • Your baby is crying less.
baby carrier for newborn child, tips for new parents, which carrier to choose for babywearing from birth on.
Parents holding their newborn baby.

Which baby carrier is suitable from birth on?

  • The back panel of the baby carrier should be made of a wrap fabric, because this fabric is specially woven, so that it is slightly elastic, but it is soft and sturdy, so it fits well and supports your child well.
  •  The back panel should have a bar reduction, panel shortening and neck reduction, so that the panel can be adjusted and thus optimally adapted to your baby. The baby carrier can grow with your child for a long time.
  • The bar between the legs should go from the back of the knee to the back of the knee.
  • A headrest is recommended, so you can support your child's head in addition, if your baby fell asleep in the carrier.
  •  Your child's buttom should be a bit deeper than the knees. The legs and buttom should form a M.
  • The upper neck area should not be too wide and support your baby optimally. Here, the pattern of the baby carrier is crucial and also the angle, at which the shoulder straps were sewn to the panel.
  • The shoulder straps should not be attached to the back panel, as this creates pressure on the spine and straightens the back.
  • For a Full Buckle, make sure the straps are attached to the hip belt, so that your baby has a nice rounded back in the baby carrier.
  • Your baby's airways should be clear.
Huckepack Full Buckle baby carrier for newborn, adjustable panel, wrap conversion, well padded shoulder straps, ergonomic hipbelt.
The Huckepack Full Buckle baby carrier can be used from birth on.

Why is  it not recommended to wear your baby  looking forward?

  • Newborns can only see sharp at a distance of about 20-30cm, they need the proximity and security of their caregiver.
  • Babies have no eye contact with their mother or father, if facing forward.
  • The baby is flooded with attractions.
  • The baby can not sit the recommended squat-spreading posture.
  • The forward wearing is unfavorable for the hip development.
  • The spine of your baby is pressed straight or even in the hollow back and can not be rounded.

Which Huckepack baby carriers are suitable for newborns?

  • Huckepack Full Buckle
  • Huckepack Half Buckle
  • Huckepack  Mei Tai
  • Huckepack  Wrap Tai
  • Wraps and ring slings

We recommend to test the baby carriers and then decide on the appropriate carrier. A babywearing consultant can help with the selection and adjustments.

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