A fair and sustainable production is important to us

For the production of Huckepack baby carriers and slings we use only organic cotton from controlled organic farming (kba). Our yarns are dyed in Germany, it is important to us that the natural raw materials and colors used are free of toxins. The fabrics are also woven in Germany.

organic cotton yarn for wrap and baby carriers.
Yarn, organic cotton
dyed yarn for Huckepack baby carriers, wraps and slings.
In Germany dyed yarns for our wrap fabrics.

The Huckepack baby carriers are made in Germany and the Czech Republic. We are in constant contact with our producers, the weaving mill and the sewing manufactory and make sure that the baby carriers are made under fair working conditions. Several times a year we convince ourselves directly on location. Child labor and exploitation can be excluded during production.

Sustainability is important to us in the entire production process, as well as the production of ecologically harmless products.

wrap fabrics from Huckepack, Baby Roo, baby carriers made from organic fabrics.
Organic wrap fabric for the Huckepack baby carriers, dyed and woven in Germany.