Huckepack Full Buckle Preschooler exclusive

These Huckepack Full Buckle baby carriers belong to the exclusive edition. Exclusive means that many of these Full Buckle Preschooler are made as individual pieces. Our hand-painted Full Buckle, as well as the models with applications, are always unique and are also not made as a custom-made design again.

Huckepack Full Buckle, soft structured babycarrier for kids, adjsutable wrap panel, well padded shoulder straps, ergonomic hipbelt for more comfort.

Huckepack Full Buckle - Preschooler from 98cm to 130cm


-Size of the bar: 45-60cm

-Size of the panel: 40-50cm

-Buckles for the shoulder straps on   the hipbelt,

  so there is not pressure  on baby´s spine

-Buckles on the panel for children who know how to     sit by themselves

-Resizable bar, panel and neck

-Padded shoulder straps and hipbelt

-Resizable head support

-Front carrier, back carrier, hip carrier

-Easy to use

-High quality of the materials

-Fair production in Germany

Important Advice:


The Huckepack Preschooler has a bar between the legs of 60cm. We had to make the hipbelt longer, as by the other sizes, so that the Full Buckle Preschooler fits from a addomianal girth of 80cm.


Huckepack Full Buckle Preschooler-Girasol Rainbow Dreamer/jeans blue

The panel was made from the Girasol Rainbow Dreamer. The straps and hipbelt were made from cord.

177,00 €

  • 1 kg
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Huckepack Full Buckle Preschooler - blue stars

The back panel was made from Huckepack wrap fabric, the hipbelt and the shouldstrapes are made from twill.

177,00 €

  • 1 kg
  • leider ausverkauft